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its your girl Liseia here (: So I know its been a minute now, but I wanted to get back into the swing of things. That being said, I felt the urge to share my new website find. Its called Influenster!!!! Influenster is really cool because it allows us culture junkies and people who just like to plain old share EVERYTHING they adore with others a place to “vent the love”!!!! HA HA. And another thing is that the more you share, the more badges you earn and are eligible for winnng cool prizes that your actually interested in!!! How cool I know?! Well here’s the link. Have a happy day all ūüėÄ




ImageHey you guys!

So here goes my second post so far…. Well whats been new with you all so far since my last vist? I hope lifes been treating you well! Anyho… Yesterday me and the fam went out to the country to go pick produce and purchese different things for our market. So on the way to the farm we usually go to while traveling on the country roads we see ahead of us these kind of dark red clusters on this Jurassic Park looking freaky cool awesome looking tree! LOL, (Well maybe it just looks that way to me….HAHA. I have a very vivident imagination and like to hype things more than they are I suppose…LOL.) I think its the teethy-looking leaves that make my imagination go wild like I’m foraging in some deserted jungle in some secret part of the world where its only me my thoughts, the russeling of the leaves and the plants, and¬†the strange almost eerie jungle sounds¬†that are ohhhh so lovely!

Mama mia!

Well this tree that we took the liberty of foraging off of is called Stack Horn Sumac, I’ll include a pic of it in my post. But Stack Horn Sumac, and for the sake of convience¬†here I’ll say Sumac minus the whole entire name. But o caution is to be taken, because even though I’m here describing Stack Horn Sumac, which is a variety of the Sumac family, but I also want to tell you that there are certain types of Sumac that you don’t want to use because of being poisonous. Just want you to keep that in mind.

My family and I collect it to use for ourselves and also to sell and make all %-100 profit off of since we get it totally FREE FROM FORAGING!!!! FORAGING IS THE BOMB!

Well thats all for this post! I’ll post more as time goes on.

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Hey you guysss, just starting out!

ImageHey World!

Its the one in only Liseia here!!! I know I know…. sorry for all of that uber excitment there, but I cannot simply help it, LOL. Anyways, here is my very first blog post and hopefully not my last (:¬† I decided out of the blue sky that I wanted to¬†publish a blog…Haha well not really one¬†people my mom works with at a local farmers market told how she was blogging and things like that, and I immediately felt a slight tinge of jealousy like “Why aren’t I doing that too?!?”. So thats kind of how it all happened, and bam here I am.

In all actuality I’ve been dreaming of doing blogging/vlogging for a long long time… I just guess I never really pursued it much as I should till now. Well, actually¬†I couldn’t before now, LOL. Being that I didn’t have my own computer till last Friday, (Thanks Craigslist!). Its this cute lil’ netbook that I bought from this techy¬†guy here in town an Asus Eee PC Netbook.¬†The thing I love about Craigslist is that you can¬†LITERALLY ‘Try it,¬†Before¬†you buy it’ so¬†that you know that your not getting ripped off¬†by some weird teenager who posts things for sale of whatever¬†then sends you a box full of styrofoam bits and pieces just for a practical joke¬†LOL.¬†¬†Sure maybe its¬†not a Macbook or anything but gotta start somewhere rigtht? It works perfectly fine for me, has all the right equipment to handle what I need to do, webcam, Bluetooth, a built-in mic, all that kind of good stuff! Also… I i want to let everybody know who wants a word processing program but can’t afford Microsoft Word to go download LibreOffice!!! Its pretty cool… Best kept secret ever. Well, anyways, I don’t know what else to say otherwise I’d be rabbling on forever and EVER!!!

Good health to you,

Liseia (: